What is Tiz?

Tiz is the funnest, most exciting way to meet new people. Guaranteed!

Ok. How do I do that?

Just open the app, take a snap, and see what happens :)

It says I have to wait four minutes?

Ah yes, the magical four minutes. While you wait, your Tiz is doing the rounds, looking for people near you. As soon as the time is up, we will send you back, people that liked your Tiz!

Results are back! What do i do?!

1. Take a breath

2. Check the results and see if you like something

3. Start chatting instantly!

What if I don’t like the results?

Well, nothing stops you from sending another Tiz 😉

I had a blast last night, but all the people I chatted with, are gone :(

Everything you see or do in Tiz goes away in the morning! But if you like someone too much, you can try Keeper and see if you continue in the morning.

Yes! How do I do that?

The option will appear when you start chatting with someone, but it will apply only if you both select it.

How will I know if we both did it?

We will send you a notification in the morning. What news to wake up to!